Do You Know the Difference Between a Private Jet Broker and Operator?

Private jets are certainly the most convenient way of travelling from one place to another. The lucrative nature of the business has attracted many players, and variations in the quality of service are something you should expect. In most cases, direct operators or brokers offer these charter services. Your choice of service provider will depend on whether either of them has favourable terms. The following discussion will help you understand the difference between private jet brokers and operators to help you make an informed consumer choice:


Private jet charter brokers work in a more or less similar fashion as brokers in a host of other industries. They are the middlemen between you, the buyer, and the company offering the jet services. Some of them may have offices in an airport while other may prefer to operate within the city or even home. When you call the broker, their job is to find various aircraft alternatives depending on your budget or jet type preference. They comb their network of charter operators to get the right service for you.

There are a few benefits of working with a broker. First, brokers know a lot about the private jet business because of the relationship they have with operators. They will evaluate the operator and the plane to address any safety concern.

Additionally, most brokers have a flight support department that will customise your services and itinerary to make you as comfortable as possible. On the downside, brokers must make a profit from their services. This means that they will always quote a price that's slightly above what a direct operator would charge you.


Charter operators are registered and certified personnel allowed to offer jet services. Essentially, operators maintain, manage and staff fleets of aircraft hired to customers. When dealing with an operator, it is important to ensure that their licence is up to date. It guarantees that the operator has gone through a rigorous process of training and evaluation to guarantee your safety.

There are many benefits of working directly with an operator.  First, you will save lots of money by avoiding the fees charged by a broker. Secondly, operators work closely with airport and transport authorities for continuous interfaces on aircrafts and pilots. This continuous evaluation ensures a consistent level of safety, quality and professionalism.

The sad part is that operators lack the diversity offered by brokers. If you call in and find the operator fully booked, you will have to find another one. This can really eat into your precious travelling time. Learn more by contacting an aircraft charter company.